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Biotechnological solutions for wastewater treatment, for both urban and industrial environments.

Cimico was founded in 2019 from the collaboration of Dr. Luis Larrea and Javier Salamero. Cimico’s mission is to transfer the deep know-how of its technical team to real plants, offering solutions with efficient and optimal behaviors to take care of one of the most precious assets of our planet, water. That

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  • Plant Dimensioning

    One of the pillars of Cimico’s technologies is the capacity and knowledge of our technical team for the optimal design and dimensioning of the plants that we present to our clients. That dimensioning may also include the design of outlet sieves and aeration system.

  • Automatic control system design

    Cimico also offers automatic control design services for the supplied technologies, based on its own mathematical algorithms, so that the control system analyzes the operation of the process, calibrating it and optimizing the energy consumption of the plant.

  • Advisory and consultancy

    The deep knowledge of the technical team allows us, regardless of the possible supply of our technologies, to offer advice and analysis on the state of existing or new plants, with the aim of helping our clients to choose the most suitable option for their needs.

Technological solutions for wastewater treatment, all of them MBBR, applicable to both the public and industrial environments.

Currently, Cimico supplies technological solutions for wastewater treatment, all of them MBBR, in its pure or hybrid version (with activated sludge) and applicable to both the public and industrial environments, for the removal of carbon, nitrogen and/or phosphorus.

Usually, we supply the technology after doing our own dimensioning, but we can also supply our MOBED ™ carrier from the customer’s own dimensioning.

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  • MOBED™ Technology

    Cimico has developed its own carrier, MOBED ™, designed by Dr. Luis Larrea to achieve maximum efficiency in purification, thanks to its high specific surface area and optimal hydraulic behavior within the reactors. This causes that the protected surface where the biofilm is generated is greater, which is reflected in the high denitrification rates obtained at the plants already executed by Cimico.

  • FILMATH™ Technology

    Cimico, for the studies, calculations and dimensioning of its technologies, has developed FILMATH ™, a mathematical simulation tool built on a generic simulation software in which a unique and proprietary configuration based on a mathematical model created by Luis Larrea and Jon Albizuri has been installed.