Cimico selected for The Water Council’s BREW 2.0

Uncategorized — 30 de March de 2023

Cimico has been selected to participate in BREW 2.0 post-accelerator from The Water Council.


This is the third year for The Water Council’s BREW 2.0 (Business, Research and Entrepreneurship in Water  -BREW), a program which focuses on late-stage water technology startups ready to enter the market or with early sales. The program includes two weeks of targeted virtual training followed by an in-person week in Milwaukee with programming, a public pitch event and investor networking, focused on expert-led growth and sales training.

The program is organized by The Water Council (TWC), a global hub dedicated to solving critical water challenges by driving innovation in freshwater technology and advancing water stewardship. TWC has coalesced one of the most concentrated and mature water technology clusters in the world from its headquarters at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Today, The Water Council has established itself as a global leader in the water industry and one of America’s premier economic development clusters as recognized by government agencies, Brookings and the Harvard Business School.

The Water Council has various sponsors, including Beckhoff Automation, Thales Water Advisors and the recetly joined Xylem. In addition to providing financial support for BREW 2.0, Xylem will help review applications, lead a BREW training session and participate in the program’s annual Demo Day. “Innovation and technology are critical to solving urgent water challenges,” said Sivan Zamir, Vice President of Xylem Innovation Labs. “We are proud to be a part of this program offering tactical and practical training to innovators across the globe.”

This year’s cohort includes companies from the U.S., France, Norway, Spain and Slovakia and are the following:

Aquacycl (U.S.) – Energy-neutral wastewater treatment-as-a-service for industrial, agricultural and residential applications.
Cimico (Spain) – Innovative solutions for wastewater biological treatment.
Enspired Solutions (U.S.) – U.S. EPA-award-winning technology to destroy toxic PFAS molecules in water.
Genesis Systems – (U.S.) Novel high-efficiency, low-cost, renewable utility scale water supplies developed from air.
GOSPACE/Meratch (Slovakia) – IoT sensor and software for measuring water level, flow, temperature and other water parameters.
InfoTiles (Norway) – Software-as-a-service for water and wastewater management.
In-Pipe Robot – (U.S.) Robotic pipeline inspection solutions with advanced software.
Nucleic Sensing Systems – (U.S.) Innovative equipment and solutions that provide insight into critical biological activity.
Redberry SAS (France) – Simple, automated and precise microbiological water quality monitoring solutions.
SampleServe – (U.S.) Software solution to streamline sample collection and lab analysis workflows.

The Demo Day will take place on 22 June and will be attended on behalf of Cimico, our CEO. There, Inés Larrea, as well as the other members of the cohort, will make a pitch about Cimico’s water technologies. Do you want to hear what Cimico and the rest of the water technology start-ups have to tell you? Don’t miss the Demo Day! To attend both in person and virtually, register!

For this purpose, The Water Council is partnering with NVNG Investment Advisors to offer BREW 2.0 cohort companies connections to the venture capital community. We will be inviting a unique assembly of global investors and members of The Water Council, including global water technology companies and large industrial water users, to the event.