About us

Knowledge, the basis of our solutions.

About us

Cimico is a company based in San Sebastian (Spain) that began its journey in 2019 and officially went on the market in 2021.

Cimico was created with the aim of offering solutions for wastewater biological treatment, starting with moving bed processes, in which its co-founder, Dr. Luis Larrea, is an expert.

In addition to Luis Larrea, Cimico has a very powerful technical team with in-depth knowledge of the subject and international experience, reinforced by an experienced management team, with a view to becoming a reference supplier of biological wastewater treatment solutions.

Our mission

From knowledge, to the market.

The mission of Cimico is to transfer the deep know-how of its technical team to plants executed in the real world, offering efficient and effective solutions to take care of one of the most precious goods on our planet: water.

What makes us different?

We develop our projects iteratively and work hand in hand with our clients to advise them to supply simple, robust and efficient solutions.

We analyze all the possibilities, concur on the selected option and issue detailed reports for the final client or the tender.

Al this is possible thanks to the knowledge of the team, MOBED® and Filmath™.


Cimico is a company co-founded by the expert in nutrient removal Dr. Luis Larrea and by Ines Larrea, serial entrepreneur with an important track record in business, who leads the company.

Cimico’s technical team is completed with other important profiles with a high level of specialization in mathematical simulation, biological treatment technologies and WWTP project management where women occupy relevant positions, promoting equality and female presence in the STEM sector.

In addition, Cimico is strongly committed to young talent, developing an internal training program that allows growth and specialization within the company.


At Cimico we have a close commitment to sustainability, both in the impact of the technologies and products we offer and in the management of resources that we carry out in our daily activity.

On the one side, the technologies that Cimico currently offers, as well as those that it is developing for the future, have the objective of minimizing energy consumption.

On the other side, in our daily activity, at Cimico we bet on impactful sustainable measures:

  • We promote teleworking, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.
  • We use renewable energy sources.
  • We advocate the minimal use of paper and ink.
  • We facilitate the recycling of waste.
  • We work with nearby suppliers to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.