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Design the dimensioning of the plants.

We rely on our technical team’s capacity and knowledge for the optimal design and dimensioning of the plants we carry out for our clients.

We like to hold various work meetings where we analyze the different design options with the client, and then proceed with the dimensioning of the plant.

En el dimensionamiento utilizamos nuestro propio sistema de simulación matemática Filmath™, único en el mundo y específico para tecnologías con biopelícula que nos permite realizar cálculos muy próximos a la realidad, optimizando el número de componentes como el propio lecho móvil, los colectores o el sistema de aireación.

In the dimensioning process we use our own Filmath™ mathematical simulation system, unique in the world and specific for biofilm technologies, that allows us to carry out calculations very close to reality, optimizing the necessary components such as the amount of carriers, the design of the sieves or the aeration system.

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With Filmath™ we also design the sieve system to ensure the optimal hydraulic operation of the plant, avoiding clogging and ensuring the correct water flow.
Aeration System
We also designed the aeration system responsible for introducing air into the plant in order to insert oxygen and properly agitate the carriers for the optimal generation of the biofilm. The amount of air and the layout of the system will be key so that the biofilm is generated correctly and the technology offers the expected results.

Technology supply

Cimico supplies solutions for the biológicas process of the waste water treatment.

Currently, all the technologies we offer use our MOBED™ carrier, in their pure or hybrid (with activated sludge) versions and are applicable to both public and industrial environments for the removal of organic matter, nitrogen and/or phosphorus. After dimensioning, the supply includes MOBED™, the sieves and the aeration system, being able to assess more complete supplies if the client requires it.

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We usually supply the technologies based on our own dimensioning, but we can also supply our MOBED™ carrier based on the customer’s own dimensioning.

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Automatic control

Cimico offers the possibility of configuring automatic control systems for the designed plants, so that they maintain the operating parameters within the appropriate ranges for the correct operation of the technology.

This automated control system ensures correct operation of the technology, reducing the operating costs of the plant by optimizing the use of its resources.

After sales assistance

After the start-up of the system, Cimico offers the possibility of closely monitoring the supplied biological treatment to indicate instructions that guarantee the correct functioning of the system.

This monitoring is optimized with the installation of the previously described automatic control and it is possible to completely delegate it to Cimico’s technical team, who would inform the client of possible problems or configuration changes to be made to ensure the correct operation of the plant.

Lab Tests and Pilot plants

In order to verify the correct future operation of the solution proposed to the client, Cimico offers the possibility of developing both laboratory tests for the characterization of the water and verifying its biodegradability and correct nitrification, as well as studies in pilot plants at the client's facilities so that the client can confirm that the technology works continuously with the different situations that may take place during production.

This is possible by installing a pilot plant with the characteristics of the proposed solution before supplying it and having the pilot plant in operation for as long as it is deemed necessary for each project.


The deep knowledge of the technical team allows us to offer advice and analysis on the status of existing or new plants, with the aim of helping our clients to meet the established requirements.

This consultancy is applicable to the normal exploitation of plants, to exploitation bidding contests where it is necessary to propose solutions that improve the quality of the effluent water or to the analysis of possible solutions in the design process of a new plant or the remodeling of and existing one.