Automatic corrective and predictive controls, as well as digital twins to guarantee the correct operation of the plant and minimise energy consumption.

Automatic corrective control

Cimico supplies automatic biological process control systems that act based on effluent data to maintain the dissolved oxygen setpoint at the minimum necessary to meet requirements.

Suitable for Cimico or existing technology

Cimico develops advanced automatic controls for its own technologies as well as for existing plants without control. In that sense, we offer automatic control for:

  • Activated sludge
  • SBR
  • MBBR
  • MBR

Organic and nitrogen removal

The automatic control is applicable to plants requiring only organic matter removal, as well as to more complex plants requiring removal of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus. The Ranilla project is an example in an active sludge.

The installation is done by connecting an external, cyber-secure microprocessor to the plant PLC, being able to monitor the data remotely and support the plant operators.

Automatic predictive control

Cimico is developing controls that act predictively to anticipate and ensure compliance with requirements at all times.

Predictive control

Predictive control relies on big data, such as plant input water and other parameters, to train artificial intelligence (AI) that is able to predict how the biological process will respond. In this way, such controls are able to act in anticipation of problems and ensure that the treatment technology performs well in all cases generating even higher cost savings.

Digital twins

Based on Cimico's knowledge of the biological process, simulation and how the other processes in a wastewater treatment plant impact on it.

Digital twin of the biological process

On the one hand, Cimico is developing digital twins for its own technologies, so that our technologies currently on offer and those under development can have a digital twin-based control that can also be integrated into non-Cimico digital twin software.

Digital twin of the WWTP

Likewise, based on the knowledge that the Cimico team has about the biological process itself and how the rest of the processes of a WWTP impact on it, Cimico is starting to work on digital twins that backbone the digital twins of each technology involved in a WWTP, putting the biological process at the centre and ensuring the quality of the effluent water.