Discover our plastic Carrier MOBED and its features.


Cimico has developed its own carrier, MOBED™, manufactures in Europe.


Designed by Cimico’s technical team, It stands out for its high specific surface, result of the 90 cells it owns, and its good hydraulic behavior thanks to its diameter and thickness.

MOBED™ has been designed to achieve maximum treatment efficiency, given that the protected surface where the biofilm is generated is very high, which is reflected in the high nitrogen removal rates obtained by the plants already executed by Cimico.

MOBED™ is manufactured in Europe under the main quality standards and with constant production quality tests.


Diameters available: 30, 35 and 40 mm.
Thickness: 4-5 mm.
Cells: 90
High specific surface: >900, 800 & 640 m2/m3 respectively
Other features: Optimum hydraulic behavior.
Great resistance and durability against physical and chemical erosion.
  • Greater specific surface than other moving beds of the market.
  • High transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the biofilm created on the moving bed due to the little thickness of the biofilm generated.
  • Fulfillment of requirements in half the space of other conventional technologies.

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