Discover MOBED® and our MBBR, MBBR IFAS and SEMBBA® MBSBR IFAS solutions.


Discover our carrier, MOBED™, manufactured in Europe, and its features.


Designed by Cimico’s technical team, It stands out for its high specific surface, result of the 90 cells it owns, and its good hydraulic behavior thanks to its diameter and thickness.

MOBED™ has been designed to achieve maximum treatment efficiency, given that the protected surface where the biofilm is generated is very high, which is reflected in the high nitrogen removal rates obtained by the plants already executed by Cimico.

MOBED™ is manufactured in Europe under the main quality standards and with constant production quality tests.


Diameters available: 30, 35 and 40 mm.
Thickness: 4-5 mm.
Cells: 90
High specific surface: >900, 800 & 640 m2/m3 respectively
Other features: Optimum hydraulic behavior.
Great resistance and durability against physical and chemical erosion.
  • Greater specific surface than other moving beds of the market.
  • High transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the biofilm created on the moving bed due to the little thickness of the biofilm generated.
  • Fulfillment of requirements in half the space of other conventional technologies.

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Moving bed technologies

Best option for optimised treatment of organic matter and nutrients, especially for retrofitting existing reactors.


It consists on creating the right conditions for the introduction of our MOBED® moving bed into the tank on which the biofilm grows for the elimination of organic matter and nitrogen.


  • High treatment capacity.
  • 2-3 times less footprint than active sludge.
  • Robustness against load peaks.
  • Simplicity of operation.
  • Retrofitting of existing activated sludge plants without civil works.
  • Possible reuse with subsequent tertiary treatment.


Municipal      |     Food   |      Beverage      |     Pharma      |      Paper

Oil & Gas     |     Chemical     |     Textile     |     Mining     |      Microelectronics


Wastewater treatment with pure moving bed reactor (MBBR) configuration, where both nitrification and denitrification occur in the biofilm.


It consists onthe introduction of our MOBED® moving bed into the tank on which the biofilm grows for the removal of organic matter and nitrogen. 20-60% of the reactor volume can be filled with moving bed. The solution requires separate biological reactors and a subsequent secondary decanter without sludge return for solids separation.


Organic matter removal

Munici: Municipal: Suitable for small populations without nitrogen requirements, such as the project implemented in Riumar.

Iindustrial: Very efficient treatment because the organic matter is mostly soluble and in high concentrations. In cases of very high concentrations, the treatment capacity can be increased as hybrid processes can occur by detaching part of the biofilm and working partially in suspension. The food industry plant executed is a good example of this solution.

Removal of organic matter and nitrogen

Municipal: Optimal solution for medium nitrogen removal requirements, due to the high nitrification capacity of the biofilm. If high nitrogen removal rates are required, an IFAS solution or dosing can be chosen.

Industrial: Optimal solution for both medium and high nitrogen removal requirements, as the presence of BOD is usually higher and dosing can be avoided.

Phosphorous removal

In pure MBBRs, phosphorus removal is always done by the addition of chemical reagents, as it is not possible to do this biologically.


Wastewater treatment with moving bed reactor configuration with activated sludge generating IFAS (Integrated Fixed Activated Sludge) effect.


It consists of the introduction of our MOBED® moving bed in a tank with activated sludge, in such a way that nitrification occurs in the biofilm that grows on the moving bed and denitrification in the activated sludge in suspension, generating the IFAS effect and enhancing the nitrogen removal capacity of the solution and allowing the biological removal of phosphorus.  The solution requires separate biological reactors, a downstream secondary settling tank and sludge recirculation.


Organic matter and nitrogen removal

Municipal: Optimal solution for high nitrogen removal requirements, without the need for dosing. It is an optimal solution for the remodelling of existing activated sludge plants that need to increase their treatment capacity without resorting to civil works.

Industrial: Optimal solution for demanding nitrogen removal requirements. The choice between a pure MBBR and an IFAS depends on the characteristics of the water and the plant. The Sedatex plant is a good example of this solution.

Phosphorous removal

In both areas, phosphorus can be removed biologically without the need for reagents and at minimal cost.


An optimised SBR with MOBED® moving bed, providing increased nitrogen treatment capacity, biological phosphorus removal and minimal IVF.


A new technology that, through the incorporation of MOBED® moving bed to an SBR process, adds to the advantage of the already known compactness of an SBR, the high treatment capacity by high rate of nitrification in biofilm, maintaining high rates of denitrification and removal of phosphorus in suspension, achieving a high degree of IFAS effect and great removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. At the same time, filamentous bulking is minimised for better sludge sedimentation (IVF). This ultimately results in a smaller reactor volume.

Ensuring this operation is possible thanks to an automatic control designed by Cimico, which in turn provides robustness of treatment and minimisation of energy consumption.

In the case of SEMBBA®, but also the other Cimico moving bed technologies, the Cimico team will analyse the application of PURE or IFAS moving bed on a case by case basis.


  • High nitrification in biofilm.
  • High denitrification in suspension.
  • High degree of IFAS effect.çHigh nitrogen removal capacity.
  • Biological phosphorus removal.
  • Low IVF.
  • High volume exchange.
  • More compact solution than a conventional SBR.
  • Minimum CAPEX: <20% of the MOBED® moving bed reactor volume.
  • Cimico’s own automatic control to ensure compliance with requirements and minimise energy consumption.


HIGH version

Version with high TRS that generates:

  • Low sludge production.
  • High sludge stability.
  • Low biogas generation potential.

LOW version

Version with low TRS which generates:

  • Greater compactness than HIGH version.
  • Low sludge stabilisation.
  • High biogas generation potential.

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